How to Call Bangalore, India

This site provides complete information for making international telephone calls to Bangalore, India from any country in the world.

Dial Bangalore, India

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Bangalore, aka Bengaluru, is located in Karnataka state. It is India's 5th largest city and a major global technology center.

Bangalore is located in south central India on the Mysore Plateau, about 900 meters (3,000 ft.) above sea level.

Bangalore has a mild, generally pleasant climate, with summer daily high temperatures around 33°C (90°F).

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Phone Number Formats to Call Bangalore

To make an international telephone call to Bangalore, you need to dial a phone number formatted correctly for either a landline or mobile phone as follows:

Format to Dial a Bangalore Landline Phone

aaa 91 80 nnnn nnnn
access code
local subscriber

Format to Dial a Bangalore Mobile Phone

aaa  91  9x xx xxxxxx
access code
mobile number

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IDDs and Dialing Formats for Selected Countries

The complete landline and mobile telephone dialing sequences, including appropriate international access codes, are shown below for selected countries. Countries listed include the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Kuwait, among others.

Call Bangalore from Selected Countries
The Americas
Call Bangalore from the USA
Call Bangalore from Canada
Call Bangalore from Mexico
Call Bangalore from Brazil
Call Bangalore from the UK
Call Bangalore from Germany
Call Bangalore from France
Call Bangalore from Italy
Middle East & Africa
Call Bangalore from Bahrain
Call Bangalore from Kuwait
Call Bangalore from Qatar
Call Bangalore from Saudi Arabia
Call Bangalore from UAE / Dubai
Call Bangalore from South Africa
Asia Pacific
Call Bangalore from Australia
Call Bangalore from China
Call Bangalore from Japan
Call Bangalore from New Zealand
Call Bangalore from Philippines
Call Bangalore from South Korea
Call Bangalore from Taiwan

Some countries, e.g., Australia, Brazil, France, and Singapore, have more than one international access code (or 'IDD') to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes. Be sure to use the correct telephone code for your carrier or calling plan when calling Bangalore. Follow the country links above to find these codes.

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Lookup International Access Codes

You can lookup your international access code using this tool. Or check here to see if your country is listed.

Find an International Access Code / IDD
Calling from...
Your IDD
Your IDD will print here

Insert your IDD at the maroon a's below to create a complete international phone number for calling Bangalore.

  • Phone number format to call a Bangalore landline number:
    'aaa 91 80 nnnn nnnn'
  • Phone number format to call a Bangalore mobile number:
    'aaa 91 9x xxx xxxxx'


  • Some countries, e.g., France, Singapore, use more than one IDD to designate specific carriers, specific countries, or other purposes. Be sure to use the correct code for your carrier or calling plan.
  • A '~' symbol indicates a dialing pause. Dial any numbers before the '~', then wait for tone before continuing.

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